Walls, Lies, and Cashews


Almond Blossom (Vincent Van Gogh)

I can make a pretty decent argument in regard to how white privilege, white supremacy, and the disdain for a Black president are some of the major reasons why Trump even occupies the White House but I want to show you a different angle of that today. Oh, those truths certainly still apply. They always will. But I also want you to realize that there are other ways in which these same facets are connected and maneuvered through attitudes and behaviors that if weren’t so true would be comical.

A friend shared a post not too long ago comparing a supposed 10-foot wall  around President Obama’s home in D.C. to border wall funding, wondering why no one understood the similarities – even to the point of calling those who didn’t comprehend the message “stupid.” I started to leave a comment but thought, why would I try to explain the intricacies of a secure border and all that comes along with it to someone who thinks that home security and homeland security are the same thing? This query entered my mind but only after questioning aloud their fascination with always wanting to be on Obama’s nuts. But that is what we are dealing with in these days and times. A lack of critical thinking, I mean. Not Obama’s gonads.

But I digress.

Then I thought, why stop there? Why not piece together a simple explanation? I had an ADT monitoring system installed at my house in the Divided States – before I moved to Panama, that is – so in light of the Facebook post, I decided to pay ADT’s website another visit. And, bruh…it’s still easy to get a free personalized quote. First thing that caught my eye. The self-proclaimed “most trusted and popular” monitoring system even comes with $850 in security equipment included. And check this out…you can remote arm/disarm the system with a mobile app to stay connected! Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

Then I mosied over to the Brinks Home Security site where they’ve got the “Home Complete” deal for $399 or $11.08 a month. Somebody please ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders (I always like to say the name Huckabee) if they’ve looked into this offer because this one may be too good to pass up. I could hear her now:

That’s a question you’ll have to ask Brinks. I don’t work for Brinks and the president has said that since Brinks rhymes with drinks, we’ll have to wait until happy hour is over to get any confirmation on that. Next question.  

It’s simple. America is home. We need home security. Family, can you imagine how much we could save on that 5.6 billion-dollar cost of a wall that would supposedly protect our border if we’d just do a Google search of the top ten home security systems? Nah, me neither.

That’s because that logic is absurd. Just about as absurd as that post I viewed.

The reality is that hundreds of thousands of government workers are not getting paid during the longest government shutdown in U.S. history because of a so-called crisis based on race and fear. Or does the White House always get the numbers 4000 and 6 mixed up when it comes to people encountered at the southern border on the list of suspected terrorists? Never mind the northern border, though, where 41 people were stopped from the same Terrorist Screening Database. White folks live there. Carry on.

You may be one of those workers that aren’t getting paid. I feel for you. Edit: I feel for the ones who didn’t vote for him and are getting screwed by this decision. If you voted for him and you’re not getting a check, well…you knew he was reckless (among a few other things) when you went to the polls. I’ll leave it at that.

While Congress gets yet another raise and the president dines on as much fast food as his healthy* heart desires, many families are hurting. I don’t see Trump offering anyone a meal at the White House Mess (the dining facility, not to be confused with the perpetual chaos at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). That’s a shame because it seems they have a pretty good menu. Instead, he says a strong border will sustain those hungry bellies.

He lies. All the time.  And he’s got to be called out on it. Even though it may not seem to matter to his base, facts are facts.

One of his latest claims is that he never said Mexico would pay for the wall. On January 10th, he said, “When during the campaign I would say ‘Mexico is going to pay for it,’ obviously, I never said this, and I never meant they’re going to write out a check,” Trump told reporters. “I said they’re going to pay for it. They are.”


Besides all of his boasting during his campaign that Mexico was going to pay for the wall and like it, the truth is that an April 2016 memo stated, “It’s an easy decision for Mexico: make a one-time payment of $5-10 billion to ensure that $24 billion continues to flow into their country year after year,” the memo said. Sounds to me like the definition of writing out a check.

Now he’s stating another lie to cover the previous one: that it’s going to be paid for through a trade deal with Mexico. Trump claimed, “Mexico is paying for the wall through the new USMCA Trade Deal.” The fact is that there is no provision in the agreement where money would change hands from Mexico to the U.S. to directly or indirectly pay for the wall. Additionally, there are no new tariffs on goods coming from Mexico to the United States.

And still no new payments from the U.S. government to its government workers.

2019 has shot out the gates to an interesting start. The shutdown has forced American citizens to take a closer look at its leaders and the decisions that they are making on their behalf. Are those decisions really in their best interests? Will they keep believing the lies? As much as I’d like to hope that the country would get the message, I can just as easily imagine Trump’s supporters taking the free video-doorbell-thingy that Brinks is offering and trying to install it somewhere on the border.

Especially if President Obama has one.



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