Your President is a Racist

We knew that from the jump.

You knew it, too.

He’s made it unmistakably clear in the past and continues to do so. If you support the infamous remarks he made yesterday and still claim he is not a racist, you can kiss my melanated ass there is nothing you can say that will make me take you seriously. Ever again.

There are times when eloquence should prevail; rational thinking take the forefront; responsibility lead the way. A prestigious office should produce a prestigious leader. That is not who (or what) is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; however, you continue to support him and make excuses for his childish and irresponsible ramblings. It makes me question you, your values, and your social intellect in relation to grasping the reality in which we live.

You pretend that what he said is not really what he said – not only from yesterday but from countless other instances. How many ways can one interpret his flighty babble, wondering “why all these people from shithole countries come here,” then saying that we should have more people from places like Norway? I wonder if he feels the same way about the Black populace of Norway.

But I understand. You’re staying on code.

When does the line get drawn? When is it “too much?” When do friends become “former friends?” When does the recent adage “agree to disagree” apply – or is there a flash point that cannot be avoided? When do we say, You know what…?

This may be that time.

Not for all but quite possibly for some. Differences in beliefs can absolutely sever friendships when those differences advocate for and ignore the oppression and plight of Black and other dark-skinned people – and I have no problem with cutting ties. Yes, taking these measures can absolutely be labeled as a damned shame, but this is precisely the place that America finds itself in today. The problems that America is having as it relates to racism and white supremacy are not being addressed in a manner that can eradicate it, which in turn will continually lead her down a path of destruction, discord, and lack of understanding.

I can say with assurance that I will never be on the same page as any of my fellow Marines or with any Trump supporters who display such an unwillingness to confront the truth. The words “social cowardice” can directly express my thoughts concerning them and their social values, or lack thereof. What are you afraid of? Quite possibly of telling the truth. I know it hurts but it must be confronted. Be that as it may, their line of thinking undoubtedly suggests that it, indeed, does not. If one is comfortable with the way things have gone historically in America, then why confront problems that do not directly involve them or influence their way of life?

It seems that we’ve come to a point where logical discourse can no longer realistically be had with individuals of that ilk. If they do exist, I would say that I’d be willing to debate them – but I’m not in the business of trying to convince racists that they are racists.

Or that their president is one, too.

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